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Thread: how to reverse firmware upgrade on MPVI with 4.4?

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    how to reverse firmware upgrade on MPVI with 4.4?


    that thing drives me nuts. When going to 4.4 needed to read a certain Ford model the firmware upgrade happened and succeeded but i am now stuck with inoperable MPV1. It does not work with 4.4, randomly works when going back to 4.3 and absolutely will not work with 2.24

    it is a MUST HAVE item to go back to older firmware as i MUST be able to use 2.24 for certain abroad customer which i have to support remotely.

    is there a way beside buying a used MPV1 to go back to old firmware which worked just great, i have hundreds of credits on that thing

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    did you find a solution?

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    I updated the beta last night, which updated my interface (MPV1) and i can no longer communicate with cars using the non beta version. Both beta and stable version both were working flawlessly untill this crap update. Has someone successfully reverted back to an older firmware?