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    Tuning Resources

    I am new to the Tuning world and am looking for some resources to begin customizing my Jeep Wrangler. In the Jeep world, tire size, gear ratio and intake/exhaust modifications are a must to recoup and/or add horsepower gains. In the very near future I will be adding long tube headers, new gears, and a supercharger to my rig and need to update the tuning on my Jeep. From what I have read there are no Presets provided by HP. Does anyone have any good website referrals they could pass along to assist me in making the necessary adjustments to the computer? Like I stated above, I am a total noob to the tuning world and I really don't know what parameters need to be adjusted to compensate from stock headers to long tube headers. Thank you in advance.

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    The Tuning School is really the only one with Dodge material out as far as I know. There's a lot of good info here if you're willing to lots of digging and asking questions. Beware though, most people don't want to help those who ask others to just tell them how to do everything, they'd rather you try to figure it out yourself, and post up issues you're having along the way.
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    Thank you for the input. I better get to digging.