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Thread: L61 Ecotec

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    L61 Ecotec

    Hi all - I'm a new guy, trying to broaden my horizons.. or at least tune them a little.

    About 12 years ago I started my project 1972 Triumph Spitfire. By 2009 I had selected and purchased an engine (L61 Ecotec) and ECU (MEFI4-B). Then some life obstacles happened, and the project sat nearly dead for 8 years.

    You can see the project at this link if that's the kind of thing you do:

    I'm still happy with the engine... largely because I've built the car around it, but not so much with the ECU. And actually, the ECU I'm sure is fine, but the software is.. not cool.

    It seems the ecu was nearing EOL at the time, and the software only works on XP (InGenius, as delivered by Painless Wiring at the time). I was able to get the ECU programmed and running on that ECU last summer, but I have yet to build the car enough to drive it, let alone tune it. And honestly, I'd rather let an expert with a dyno do the tuning at this point.

    So, I'm looking for options.. and given that I've already spent $1200 US on the ECU and software I'm not excited about spending another couple grand for something more modern.

    The MEFI4-B does have serial ALDL and CAN (works with Racepack).

    So, is there any hope HP Tuners can deal with this ECU?
    Should I try and find an OEM ECU at the wreckers that HP Tuners does support and go that route instead?
    Or should I just stick with this ECU and keep moving forward; this will never be a 1,000 hp race car. 200 hp tops, likely. (he says today...)

    Before the '72, I successfully converted a '78 Spitfire and its stock engine to EFI with a Megasquirt + my own design intake - so I'm not a TOTAL noob. I still have this car, but it's got a rod knock and wants to once again become one with the Earth.

    A little advice would be a big help. Thanks for taking the time to read this far!

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    we can make this work for you. If your system works we can make some sort of trade. Steve 909 910 3867