09 Chinese market cruze 1.6 NA, the engine is built and added a turbo. ECM had changed to a turbo ECM E83, I found a 2014 holden 1.6t hptuner read, which from E83 with same service number as mine. Turned off vats starter diag and related DTC's, write entire into the ecm I have
trying to crank use key, starter relay is not responding. I thought maybe there is some thing wrong in the data communication from BCM and ECM, so I tried turn the starter relay on with wire. I can smell gas, but not starting. I checked ignitor, have 12v power in the connector, but NO spark when cranking. btw Tach is moving when cranking.
I noticed there is a clutch pedal sensor dtc so I disabled it.Also there is a waste gate solenoid and knock sensor DTC but I have the solenoid and Knock sensor fitted I left them on.I didn't fit a baro sensor, so I have the DTC disabled.
Throttle works weird, accelerator panel shows 0-100% fine, but when I touch the accelerator a little bit TPS change to 50% suddenly and I can hear a click, when I press deeper there is no TPS change at all. There is no TPS value between 19.x% and 50%.
In the log starter relay says off, but cranking request ON, engine starting ON, have Inj pulse and 11degree timing.
Whats going on here? Any idea?