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Thread: Polling failed

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    Polling failed

    Hi. As soon as I updated from 3.6.26 to the lastest version, When I went to write the ECM on my G8 that I have been tuning for a few years now it said that I do not have a license for this file. I clicked show license options and it says polling interface and then "polling failed". I updated to the latest drivers with no change. I also tried the beta version and has the same problem.
    I performed windows system restore so everything was back to the old version, 3.6.24 but I am still having the same problem, polling failed. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers with no change.

    I also tried abotger usb cable.


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    if you haven't already please open a support ticket here so that we can assist you further, there are a few things we can have you try
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