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Thread: SD mode on a 2016 silverado 5.3

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    SD mode on a 2016 silverado 5.3

    Alright guys i'm having an issue when tuning in SD mode on my 2016 Silverado 5.3l. I need some reassurance that i'm even setting it up right, applying the changes correctly.

    The first tune in SD mode runs good. The second run with the changes to vve will either have a crank and die issue or if i make it on the road it will fall on its face bogging (and then sounded like it was hitting a rev limiter and i was barely over 2k) the wb pegs out lean when giving it around half throttle. I gave up after the 3rd go and loaded up the first sd tune i have posted.

    I always paste special/multiply by half to the manifold switch closed table then copy that table before clicking calculate coefficients, then paste to the manifold switch open table then click calculate coefficients for it.

    I have maf dialed in nearly perfect but this SD is driving me nuts. I have to be missing something or doing something wrong. Any help is appreciated. THANKS

    EDIT: I figured out the issue shortly after making this post. For some reason my vve table, in the lower portion, data was getting skewed bad after calculating coefficients. Where it was normally 1800, 2000, etc. There was a section that was extremely too high that I missed at the very bottom of the table. If I had viewed the 3D view I would have seen the outrageous spike. I'm unsure why it does this but nearly ever time I apply my changes it will do this. I will have to adjust and interpolate those blocks a few times before the cells will stay normal after calculating the coefficients.
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