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Thread: Anti lock warning after new rear tires

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    Anti lock warning after new rear tires

    I put 275/50/17 on the rear and 245/45/17 on the front of my 2005 GTO. Now the anti lock and traction control warning is going off. Is there a way to make some tire size corrections between the front and rear?

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    weird.. I run 245/40-18 on front and a combo of 285/35-18(normal street use), 26-10-15(drag strip), and 275/60-15(performance street use) and have never had the warning come on. Except if I forget to turn off traction control and break loose...I will get the traction control light, but never a anti-lock light. Now if your on a dyno, extended time running the rears and the fronts not moving, you'll get the anti lock thing. It will go away about a hundred yards of driving with both front and rear moving.
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