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Thread: How HPT works - have I got it right?

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    How HPT works - have I got it right?

    I have two Audis that I'm anxious to start tuning ('12 A4 and '14 A6, both with the ZF 8-speed auto) but don't have the money to go "all-in" yet.

    Am I correct in thinking that if I buy the MPVI2 interface but no credits I can:
    * Download, view, and edit tune data from the ECUs in my cars
    * Open and look at files created by others (I have a few .hpt files but when I try to open them VCM editor says "Please connect an MPVI2 interface")

    But cannot flash anything back to the car?

    And one more question: if I buy the credits to license a particular ECU in a particular car (the engine ECU in the A6 for example), I can reflash that ECU as many times as I want, right? I don't have to buy credits each time I make a change and want to reflash?


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    you should be good on all that except the part about connecting the interface to view a file. I cant remember it ever requesting me to do that

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    so once you've licensed, purchased credits & made changes to a specific vehicle you can go back and make changes to that same vehicle in the future without using more credits?