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Thread: No VE table

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    No VE table

    how come i have no primary VE table or even a virtual VE table on my editor

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    Primary VE is a P01/P59 thing for the older computers.

    GEN 4 computers will use VVE or a new created VE tables that are labeled IMRC OPEN/CLOSED and DoD. They are in the airflow tab. Those new tables are created when the operating system of the computer is upgraded to a 2 bar OS that is offered on some factory operating systems.
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    this just happened to me on my 08 I just got the truck running decent after cam and couldn't find the ve table for sd tune so I updated OS to the 2 bar thinking maybe I could find something, then my truck wouldn't run so rewrote the pcm back. its taken a while to get it running right. I think I can do a MAF tune but yeah i'm wondering how to tune for sd also

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    hey there's a section on the how tos list on how to sd tune e38s, looks like I got more reading to do, you may find some answers there too

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    look under edit in the VCM Editor theres the vve