Hello Forum,

I recently came across an issue where my car will not rev high. At first, I had a P1518 code which I cleared and it hasn't returned since, but my car will not rev past 3500 RPM and when I put the pedal down it feels as if a 2 step is kicking in. I have the car tuned, so could it be a tuning issue? Maybe something to do with the Calculated airmass table? Or a bad TAC? I recorded a clip of what I'm talking about here:


In this clip I'm holding down about half throttle or where 4500RPMs would be but it wont rev any higher.

Here is an attachment of my tune.

My car is a 2002 C5 manual with an LSA supercharger full exhaust. Let me know what you think!

Brian1.pngSC tune with 80lb injectors.hpt