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Thread: FG F6 typhoon tuning

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    FG F6 typhoon tuning


    Trying to tune a f6 typhoon which has just had a high flow 3582 turbo
    Larger intercooler
    Fuel pump

    Vehicle spools to about 12 pound When holding 60km/s WOT on dyno on the first power run after first power run vehicle will not go above 6pound under the same load conditions then when going through power run it will boost cut and a overboost situation is occurring overboost is set at -2.45psi and -2.46 psi as i havent changed it from stock

    All the desired boost settings have added +5inhg to the whole table and refined the fuel table to run richer rather than leaner

    Vehicle on the dyno producing 300kw on the dyno at 20 pound peak on the first dyno run
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