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Thread: 02 bon SSEI Vats delete, need 100% proven setup

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    02 bon SSEI Vats delete, need 100% proven setup

    Researched and posted in the other thread but no responses just yet.
    seen so many different suggestions on close to same vehicle but none
    directly for sure on this vehicle.

    02 Bonneville SSEi.

    stock vats is set to serial....
    stock p1626, not checked no mil
    p1629, not checked no error
    p1630, not checked no mil
    p1631, not checked no mil

    buddies vehicle is miles away so no option to test nor report back,
    need a 100% way to disable vats without issues !!!!!

    Thank you,

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    I have heard that these ones cannot be bypassed via HPT. One sure way:

    Basically there are only 15 possible resistors. If you have the original key just cut the orange sleeved white wires that go to the ignition switch and add resistors to mimic the chip's resistance. If you don't have the original key you can prepare resistors to mimic all 15 possible options....then try by one until it runs. I did this last year on a friend's old Caprice that he lost the key to. Real easy.

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    That's not right for a Bonnie that's a passlock ll the bonniville has a passkey lll with a transponder pellet u cannot bypass it the same way