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Thread: 2004 f-150 Black Oak PCM does not have VCT IMRC closed parameters

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    2004 f-150 Black Oak PCM does not have VCT IMRC closed parameters

    Pictures in the above link to help describe my problem at hand.
    Except my actual PCM is OS RXAQ3B4 (and blackoak/1472k)

    How can I tune for IMRC deletes if the PCM does not have the variable cam timing IMRC closed option? The only VCT option in the black oak 2004 tune is not labeled as IMRC closed or open, but I concluded that it is Open IMRC parameters. So it is missing closed. Does this mean VCT cannot be tuned for IMRC deletes? Even though it still has the IMRC switch, MAP closed/open IMRC, etc? Do Mustang guys have this problem on black oak pcms too?

    I have extensively researched this issue and have not found much information (found one other with the issue, but no reply with solution). Would also like to respectfully request that we stick to only the question above. Nothing about why are you doing this and why are you doing that and you shouldn't do this for whatever reason, etc, unless it directly relates to a workaround to my problem or solution.

    Thank you in advance. Looking forward to being involved more on the forums.


    This is the post that I was following for the IMRC delete stuff.
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    Turns out the issue was not an issue after all. WOT afrs and closed loop stft/ltft all good.

    Guess that parameter wasnt needed after all. But don?t take it as gospel as im still a semi inexperienced tuner with HP. Im currently also looking for a more open source tuning solution. Hptuners has too many limitations for me and apparently not enough support for my choices of vehicles. Less than SCT and stuff, but as a computer engineer/programmer (mechanic as hobby) i need more. Any suggestions welcome.