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Thread: Gen V swap 17 Tahoe 8 speed auto

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    But the pedal still does not work, won?t move Tb at all. Both voltages coming in are good, but no pedal percentage output or Tb movement. Does your Tb move with gas pedal?

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    when you first turn key to on position but engine off, does throttle body moves? Double check your peddal wiring assigments..

    * What fans are you using? Keep the A/C pressure sensor or ecm will turn fan ON as soon as you start your swaped car.

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    Yes, TB moves and checks. We?ve double and triple checked, gone through 3 ecms, 3 different pedals, even have the pedal that came out of by swap truck. Voltages go into ecm, but nothing out. Weirdest shit I?ve seen.

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    Did you get the pedal issue resolved? I'm having the exact same problem with an LT1 swap.

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    IF your car start and idles your harness to the throttle body must be OK then, double and triple check your wiring from the ECM to your accelerator peddal, check pin positons, check with multimeter etc. check your peddal is compatible with your ECM, is you got your harness already done, just check it anyways.

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    No. He we have tried repinning and different pedals. We are not having any luck. He ordered another harness in hopes it?s the issue. But it?s not a cheap option.

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    did you keep brake travel sensor?, delete all codes related and test again.

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    We have cleared codes and turned off codes, I don?t know about brake sensor.

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    Ok I?ll give it a whirl