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Thread: 4l80E

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    Did a 4l80 swap in my 05 1500 its 5.3 with 3.42 gears, completed the segment swap and have been playing around tuning it, 1st to 2nd shift it'll stutter step at light throttle like it's engaged then jumps out then back in casually driving in town and converter doesn't always wanna lock up going down the hwy in 4th gear fluids are fine just put new harness in trans because it was throwing code for current range circuit. Here'sScotts 05 chevy 4l80 swap shift denton 87.hpt the tune would like some help critiquing it, Thank you.

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    shift tables

    One of the root causes of your shift can be resolved if you follow this guys instructions. . Another option would be to download BC trans calculator. (All over the internet) This is a freeware that sets up the shift tables and tcc tables for you. It's a simple copy/paste process.