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Thread: Innovate LM-2 to mpvi2 issues, please help!

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    Innovate LM-2 to mpvi2 issues, please help!

    Hello all, I am new to the forums and have not been able to find a solution to the issue I am having at the moment. So long story short is I have a MPVI2 and recently bought an Innovate LM-2 wideband and am having issues getting the wideband to show any data in the scanner. I have read mixed things saying I have to have the pro upgrade to be able to use my wideband and others saying that I don't. I am currrently trying to use it through a serial to usb adapter and am having no luck. Please help!

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    You NEED the pro feature set to use the pro features & pro link, so yes I can confirm thats what you need.
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    Ok so I played around with the scanner last night and was able to get the wideband to display, although it was showing a crazy value. I adjusted the math parameter and got the reading to show the correct decimal and value, but once I went to do a second log the wideband kept disappearing until I disconnected from the vehicle and as soon as I would hit record they would disappear again so I am stumped.