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Thread: Help code p163f transmission ID blocked corrupted

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    Help code p163f transmission ID blocked corrupted

    My tuner updated the tune on my 18 10r80 gt and now I?m getting this code and transmission will only go into 1st or 3rd

    Tried resetting KAM and tried flashing back stock tune and still same issue. Anyone have any input to try to fix this

    Previously car was fine tuned except was Gettikg the limp mode above 126 mph in 6th
    And tried raising rpm and oss limiters to stop it from doing this previously

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    What tuner, which software?

    P163F - Transmission ID Block Corrupted, Not Programmed,Transmission ID memory block corrupted, not programmed

    CLEAR the DTC . REPROGRAM the PCM with the latest calibration. If the DTC returns, INSTALL a new PCM
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