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Thread: Multiple devices, one car?

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    Multiple devices, one car?

    My buddy had his car tuned at a shop. He is unhappy with the trans tune. I told him I'll make it better. If I license his car with my device, can he still go back to the other guy in the future without licensing again with the shops device? Hope that makes sense.

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    I'm still new to all this but I believe the correct answer is only if you're using the same software as the original tuner. Each developer uses thier own technique to read the "data" and then convert it into the program they've made. Once done, they have to convert the data back into something the computer can read. At this stage, every one of them is different meaning some values may not have even been added back into the "tune". Once that is done, any new attempt to try and read that data in a different way can result in the new program thinking the data is corrupted and has failed. This is why it's always important to save your initial tune file somewhere fail safe in case you'd like to go back to factory or HAVE TO in some cases... Hopefully some more knowledgeable people can chime in if you know a lot more information like what the car is, what pcm and build, what software was originally used to tune, what software you have, how many times different software was used and what they are. All of that comes into effect when talking about custom tuning. The more you can provide, the better someone here might be able to help you out.