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Thread: Many credits purchased for one vehicle!

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    Many credits purchased for one vehicle!

    I had the VCM 1.0 interface and was fine with it until my PCM failed, no start- P0601 code, replaced PCM with another and the tunershop that was going to flash it ended up using HP tuners and charged me for 4 credits. They accomplished it however then my old VCM 1.0 wouldn't work any longer. I purchased a MPVI2 with 2 credits, hooked it to my car and it wanted to marry to the 98 corvette. It fails to read so I decided to try to just put my old tune back into it and it says my vehicle isn't licensed. I get why. However I'm 6 credits purchased deep in my car and would like some assistance from anyone. Can I provide receipts to HP Tuners on my credits purchased for BOTH the CAR as well as the NEW PCM?

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    VCM 1.0 ie the serial interfaces haven't been supported since 2009.

    That out of the way, yes if you had your vehicle brought to a tunershop it is on them to have a license for it in order to tune it.

    Then if you purchased an MVPI2 interface and wanted to tune the vehicle using YOUR interface you would need a license for it.
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