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Thread: 2010 Camaro SS 6L80 to Built Tim King CTSV 6L90 Tune Help

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    Question 2010 Camaro SS 6L80 to Built Tim King CTSV 6L90 Tune Help

    Need TCM tuning advice.

    OK, so I swapped from the 2010 Camaro SS Stock 6L80e with Circle D 3200-3400 stall tuned by DBR in TN to a Built Tim King at TK Performance 1,000hp capable 6L90e out of a Cadilac CTSV with Circle D Billet Pro Series Triple Disc 3200-3400 stall.

    Car is TFS GenX 255's, TSP VVT 3.2 with DoD delete, full Kooks exhaust, DSX E85 flex fuel sensor, Stage 2 ProCharger D1X, ID1300x, ZL1 pump, DSX Aux pump, etc.

    It made 760 rwhp at 6,800 rpm's with about 14 psi.

    My TCM is from my 6L80e with tune from DBR.

    I'm wondering what I need to look at adjusting in the tune to make it work properly with the TCM and new Triple disc converter.

    So far I just feel a snatch sometimes when I let off the gas to stop or coast.

    Just a backstory, but the 6L80e started slipping.

    Went 6L90e and something went wrong and it screwed up the converter snout, broke the center in the bell-housing and broke the pump.

    I don't know if it was the tune, bad converter, botched install or bad trans.

    But I definitely want to make sure the tune is right to eliminate that as a possible issue going forward.

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    Camaro SS 6L90 760rwhp
    Circle D 258mm 3400 3B Pro Series Multi Disk
    Kooks Ceramic LT's & full 3in exhaust
    TFS GenX 255's (Polished PAC .660's and Ti-Retainers)
    TSP VVT 3.2 cam
    TSP 1.72:1 Ratio LS3 Steel Roller Rocker Arm Set
    AEM X-Series OBDII Wideband Gauges
    FIC ID1300x Injectors
    ZL1 Fuel Pump
    DSX Flex Fuel Kit / Auxiliary Fuel Pump Kit
    MM Camaro 5 Wild
    Holley Tall LS Valve Covers
    JRE 6L90E Trans Dipstick kit
    BMR Front Driveshaft Loop
    NGK Iridium IX #7
    HP Tuners
    ProCharger D1X 3.9 @ 14psi