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Thread: 2017 hyundai veloster turbo

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    2017 hyundai veloster turbo

    whats going on guys? i was able to read the stock file off of the car. after a complete read i was unable to modify the file, hp tuners said unable to modify, save or write to the car. oddly enough it actually saved the file. anyone have this issue before? attached is the read from the car with hpt
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    Most likely an incompatible definition for the 2017 cal id.

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    File a support ticket with your read so they can get the definition added to the latest Beta. I had to do the same thing on a 2016.

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    Downloaded the latest beta (4.5.644) and could not read the file (invalid checksum).

    Email the file to along with a VCM Suite Info log so the definition can be added, as mentioned above.