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    Vehicle Unlicensed

    Trouble ticket #183464....2004 corvette Z06. New Scroggin Dicky ECU with stock tune. I swap over to a new 3 bar OS and then went to save and it charged me 2 credits. Go to tune vehicle it says its unlicensed. I open up the calibration details and its not the same VIN! it gives me option under write to do VIN/VATS and something else but says its unlicensed. Do have to buy more credits? How many more do I need to purchase?
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    When you say swapped to 3 Bar os, did you upgrade your os or flash in a different file from the repository? If

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    Customer has had this computer in his car since 2012 and sent me this STOCK file from when he got the ECU. I used this one he sent to swap over to 3 bar since the one in car is already a 2 bar and can't be swapped. I didn't think anything of it and when I get to the car to load tune I get the messages. Once I compare they are different beginning OSs.
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