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Thread: My A B Cs.

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    My A B Cs.

    I have been looking thru the editing software and have notice some settings have an A B or C designation. For example Barometric pressure limiters. They have 3 maps, A B and C. Any idea what that represents? High speed governor has it as well??

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    C in the barometric/fuel limiter is used if there is an air pressure sensor fault or turbo fault set. A and B is selected by a table not shown in HP Tuners, it?s an air temperature select table. All 3 of these tables define maximum amount of fuel allowed for a given rpm and ambient air pressure. I can?t remember if the A, B, C in the high speed governor is this or not, I?d have to look back, but I think those are what Cummins calls high speed limits for when the engine is run in isochronious mode, multiple engines tied together in a generator setup. Cummins writes the software in a pretty generic form to cover all the different uses for the engine besides Chrysler automotive use.