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Thread: General Inquiry Into Gen V LT1 Swap into G Body - Possibility to get away from DI?

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    General Inquiry Into Gen V LT1 Swap into G Body - Possibility to get away from DI?

    So - I currently have a 2018 Camaro 1SS that I have been modding the last couple of years, however am finally going to probably step up the game (Currently am boosted at 8lbs, E85, etc..). Currently the plans are this winter to get into forged vs cast pistons, upgrade cam, etc.... and after researching you can buy a short block 416 for the same money as all the labor to pull the engine, tear it down, and build it in the same configuration.

    I also have a 1988 Monte Carlo SS that we have been wanting to begin a build on - I am contemplating buying the 416, and dropping the LT1 in the GBody

    That being said - there are swaps that have been done, but they utilize the DI system. I am curious if could venture off into doing a port injection setup on the LT1? Stock power levels will suffice on the LT1 in the GBody - but I am curious about deploying a Haltech / AEM with PI.

    I am curious about the piston configuration - possibly look at getting into a LS3 style piston to get a "normal" combustion chamber?

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    The only thing I can tell you is "forget everything"

    The engines of the LS and LT series are similar but not the same, their operation and constructions are totally different

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    You can do pure PI...
    From what I’ve seen the “cup” in the piston isn’t needed

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