I have looked around on the threads and have seen others asking about this but no real solution. I have a 1978 G30 van style motor home that received a generous upgrade of a LQ4 6.0 and 4L80e transmission. Speed and power are no longer an issue.... This particular retrofit has a DBW pedal and throttle body. In order to make the pedal fit the installation I had to cut the pedal arm shorter which makes it very sensitive of course. When using the scanner you can see that the last 3/4 of the pedal does not change the throttle body position (it is already 100 percent open), so my question is; can you re-scale the pedal position to not have 100% throttle body movement with only 75% pedal movement? I hope I am asking this in a manner that is understandable. I like the electronic throttle but I suppose I could go back to a cable if I have too but then I loose the "simple" cruise control too.

Thank you in advance..!!