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Thread: Chevy spark tuning

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    Chevy spark tuning

    Hello to the site. This may sound silly to some. But I have a 2017 chevy spark that the warranty is almost up on. i have developed an interest in wanting to tune some sort of small or micro car. I was looking at the smart car hyabusa. But I already have the spark, theres just not much vehicle specific parts.. I was looking around the internet at possible upgrades such as..
    ..high flow replacement air filter..
    .. header back 2"ID exhaust with high flow cat and muffler.
    ..upgraded fuel pump and injectors.
    .. light weight fly wheel.
    ..power clutch. gear box.
    ..polished and ported heads.
    .. re angled valves
    .. higher quality pistons or ceramic coated.
    ..supercharger, intercooler, water/menthol injection and remap and tune.. in my research I learned that it is much easier to map or tune a supercharger compared to a turbo due to the more consistant flow of a supercharger..
    And that water injection will prevent detonation..

    So my questions are..
    I know I will have to get the exhaust custom made at a metal or muffler shop..
    I know the porting and polishing can be done and they do make k&n replacement panel filter for my year..

    So.. is it possible to get or do they make universal..
    4 cylinder superchargers
    Fuel pump and injectors
    Light weight flywheel
    power clutch
    And other universal parts like the sport gearbox
    Intercooler, water/menthol injection
    And higher quality pistons. Ect..
    I have always heard the term if you have the right tools you can make anything work.
    If I were to go to a car builder who specifically does tuning and performance work..would they be able to make any of these parts work??. Thank you...

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    I have a 2014 chevy spark that I am currently trying to tune using hp tuners after adding a turbo, larger injectors, fuel pump, flex fuel sensor, etc. I think something like this requires a lot of customizing so in my mind it is more of a hobby or learning project. I could be way off and shops might do things like this for a reasonable price so no harm checking around.

    For a fuel pump I would get a Walbro. I got a Walbro450 for $100 on Amazon. It is way overkill but I run E85 and it was a good price.

    For injectors, whatever you get make sure you get good data with them. I bought 80# injectors which was unnecessary but I read they can be tuned and I am pleased to say my car does idle pretty decent. That said, I wouldn't go any bigger than necessary maybe the green giants 42#. Injector data makes tuning so much easier.

    You will need a wideband to tune the air fuel ratio. You want one that can be tracked in hp tuners.