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Thread: just tuned my 06 crown vic police car could use some help

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    just tuned my 06 crown vic police car could use some help

    hi guys and girls,
    im new too this and i just tuned my car
    could anyone or does anyone want to look over my tune just to check it out for me?

    i haven't uploaded it yet. after last-nights adventure i am kinda afraid to. ha. but i adjusted somethings. ill list what i did.


    maf afr
    spark (borderline,mbt,iat base,load increase correction,global,retard rate,recovery rate fast, and normal,amount fast,max advance)

    electronic throttle control to 73,756
    from 7,375.62

    trans is a 4R75W

    rpm anticipated shifts disabled is that ok?

    wot shifts from 1-2 5525 rpms
    wot shifts from 2-3 5500 rpms
    wot shifts from 3-4 5500 rpms

    i had to drop them down because car is shifting at the least 2000 rpms over then what i put.

    i cant adjust downshift pressure because when i did last night car cuts off at high rpms on wot (feels like throttle control cuts fuel) but im unsure

    i adjusted upshift pressure flat across the board to 20 psi 1-2, 25 psi 2-3

    torque truncation disabled is that ok?

    torque reduction i disabled last night for both master and shift. but after getting wild, very wild trans flares i re-enabled it on this latest edit to my tune.

    is it needed? is there a way to disable without the trans wanting to go insane?

    i attached both my edit under cvpi tune1.hpt
    and the factory file (for comparison purposes) under i hope i dont f*** my car up.hpt

    id appreciate it if somebody with a bit more experience then me could take a look at it for me and maybe make/suggest some edits, im open to all suggestions.

    my crown is stock my intention is to squeeze as much power out of the car as mechanically possible without blowing it up.
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    I know this is a little old, but did you ever find a sweet spot for upshift pressures? I have an 04 F-150, but everything is negative in my stock upshift pressure tables... Not really sure how the table is meant to be read

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    its a modifier to dynamic tv pressure. It should be negative at high rpm and closed throttle. Otherwise at WOT it should be near stock so long as you hadn't revamped the static tv pressure calculated and how much reserve pressure is being bled.

    The 4r70/75w's don't need a a whole lot of shift pressure. Actual logged tv pressure of mid 60s is fine at wot. The table is an adder to dynamic and the shift slope.
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