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Thread: E47 tune

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    E47 tune

    I'm looking for advice on an E47 tune. I have read many threads on the various options and I'm soliciting advice on comparing tunes. Lots of the opinion is "old" and I can't tell if there has been much change or new in the last few years.

    1. Hp Tuners do it myself
    2. Hp Tuners remote tune
    3. Trifecta

    If option 2 who would you recommend?

    I want to keep it daily driver streetable. 2009 GXP with low miles and excellent mechanical condition.

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    1) the answer really depends on whether you think you will find it enjoyable to learn about tuning, and to tinker with your car. It's not hard, if you show an interest in it, and if you show that you tried learning, this forum will help you a lot. If you just come here asking for a free tune, no one will help you. generally if you have specific questions on how to do something, this forum will help, if you're too generic like asking "how do i tune a GXP" nobody will answer. if you're in south-east Michigan i'll help you in person for free.
    2) i'm sure there are plenty of people that will remote tune you for a fee.
    3) i have no personal experience but generally people recommend that you stay away from trifecta. The original guy sold the name / company so he's no longer involved. Customer service is ... scarce, or mostly non-existent it seems. i'd recommend sticking to options 1 or 2.