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Thread: 6R80 TCC Slip ('11 F-150)

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    6R80 TCC Slip ('11 F-150)


    I've been chasing this for the better part of an afternoon and can't find why my target TCC slip will not drop below 5 rpm (as monitored on both an IDS and with the VCM scanner). I've read around on here and tried changing almost every parameter under "TCC General." Is there something I'm missing?

    Here's two of the cal's I've tried.
    - TCC Slip is zeroed out on Cals
    - TCC Desired on scan tool floats between 20-30 rpm on decel or early 4th apply under light throttle to 5 rpm under load.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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    There are locked TCC tables in S550 tunes - locked for Ford means it's still slipping like 20-5rpm. It's done to improve NVH and will not hurt your performance.
    Eric is updating S197 calibrations all the time - you might ask support to add them to your tune maybe they can.

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    Change the whole TCC lockup rate after upshift table to 650 ft-lbs,

    Russ Kemp