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Thread: C63 Supercharged Timing target/throttle problems

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    update on low timing target..i am feeling there is sort of limiter or tcu retard.
    Did you ever get timing sorted? Having a similar issue and found this thread. I see your finalA changes but what did you end up with? do you mind putting up what you ended up going with? it would be awesome to see the comparison between your two files so i could try and understand the process of elimination your brain used to get it figured.

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    you have to make sure your torque modelling is correct,the offset of timing values in hptuners isn't exactly same,so use the logger to get your target timing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bradsm87 View Post
    That's pretty important. It's definitely worth submitting a support ticket and asking the question. They will either tell you the reason why it's different or they'll realize there is a mistake that needs fixing.

    Yes that would be great

    Do you have a complete DAMOS/OLS for M156? If so, can you see any tables that would allow modifying the lambda target at lighter loads?
    so...I did receive some positive response from support. if any of you do have WinOLS and can identify more maps that could be of use please provide them to the support team. My initial question to them is below and in reference to new beta maps for moving above or below stoich at steady state throttle. aka homogeneous. Also looking for traction control maps to allow for traction control tuning if they exist within the ECM.


    Thank you for contacting support, IF the M156 computer supports the ECM 34035 and ECM 34036 parameters it will populate for them. If you can find a Table ID for the rev blip I can forward that information to our engineer and see if he can add the requested parameter.

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    B URRY (Client) Posted On: 10 March 2020 03:32 AM

    Within a few of the past beta's, ECM 34035 and ECM 34036 were made
    available. Do these maps work for all M156 computers or only a given base
    firmware? Also, some have asked if rev blip matching of the C63 507 M156
    can be made available to other computers through use of HPTuners. I
    believe this is a model specific feature. Any help would be greatly

    Thank you,
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    Hey man did u change the map sensor ? Is so to what 2 bar