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Thread: Corrupt auto-joined GPS data from GoPro 7

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    Unhappy Corrupt auto-joined GPS data from GoPro 7

    Hi I do use RR Ultimate. The auto-detection of a GoPro multi-file series is convenient, as RR auto-joins videos and auto-joins GPS data.
    However, this time it didint work and produced a corrupt merged GPS data CSV.

    see timestamps, likely at the boundary of the first multi-file video and second this cannot work.

    1568462232.801111,42.823040,14.516515,516.829000,2 .194000
    1568462232.856667,42.823041,14.516517,516.825000,2 .246000
    1568462232.912222,42.823041,14.516518,516.819000,2 .305000
    1568462232.967778,42.823042,14.516520,516.800000,2 .275000
    1568462233.023333,42.823042,14.516521,516.778000,2 .265000
    1568462233.078889,42.823042,14.516523,516.741000,2 .248000
    1568.462231,42.823043,14.516524,516.724000,2.23700 0

    1568.517786,42.823043,14.516526,516.742000,2.19700 0
    1568.573342,42.823044,14.516527,516.745000,2.16000 0
    1568.628898,42.823044,14.516529,516.745000,2.17200 0
    1568.684453,42.823045,14.516530,516.769000,2.28800 0
    1568.740008,42.823045,14.516532,516.800000,2.27900 0
    1568.795564,42.823045,14.516533,516.786000,2.28700 0


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    While this may be a RaceRender bug, it's also possible that your problem is a result of some GoPro quirks. Put simply, sometimes GoPro screws up with its telemetry data, or if you don't turn on the camera soon enough before recording, etc.

    Read these threads, and see what you think:

    Incidentally, last month, on a motorcycling vacation, I had my GoPro Hero7 Black fired up all week, with a new "Samsung 128GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSDXC Evo Select Memory Card with Adapter (MB-ME128GA/AM)" for each day (9 and a half hours at 1920 x 1080 x Linear x 60fps). There were moments each day -- I discovered when I got home -- that GoPro screwed up the telemetry (making the path of travel impossible to map without a lot of manual intervention, and the altitude was typically off by about 100 ft, etc.).

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    Looking at those timestamps, what I'd suspect is that the second file is either very very short, or there's some bogus timing data in it, causing RaceRender to automatically apply a different time scale to it. Sometimes when a file is super short, we make the assumption that we had misinterpreted it's timing data (seconds vs milliseconds, etc) and that it really intends to be longer. That works well for standalone files, but can cause an issue in multipart situations like this.

    I regularly use long GoPro sessions and haven't encountered this problem before, so my hope is that it's just a one-off issue, but I think there's still an opportunity for RaceRender to do better here regardless... We'll take a shot at that in our next program update. Can you confirm if this happened to just this one case, or is it more frequent?