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Thread: 4l60e ISS question

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    4l60e ISS question

    Long story short I have a customer who installed a non ISS transmission into a 2007 Tahoe. Is there anyway to make it work with the tuner. I've tried disabling the ISS and the converter still locks and unlocks and spits a p0717, I disable the p0717 and it doesn't lock and unlock but isn't full locking. The truck no longer has the DOD, he swapped in a buolt 6.2l. Thanks Pat

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    I don't think so. The ISS version of the 4L60E was not introduced until GEN4. Where GEN3 uses engine RPM for input speed (and has no way to know for sure if the converter is slipping or a clutch...), GEN4 OS needs the ISS info to decide how to behave.

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    The wrong transmission type was installed - the easiest solution is to install the correct transmission type for the vehicle platform - a 2007 or 2008 4L65 with an internal ISS and an external Gear Position Switch.

    You will never get the Gen 3 4L60 (1999 to 2006) to work 100% correctly in that particular Gen 4 platform. Depending on the scanner that you use, the TCC state may be displayed in various stages of lock - but never fully locked - and always with too much slip occurring.