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Thread: request: clear confirmation of Bluetooth GPS connection

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    request: clear confirmation of Bluetooth GPS connection

    Used a new Garmin GLO2 for the first time this weekend. Also a BT OBD reader that I have successfully used before. Prior to each session I was checking TrackAddict's GPS & OBD indicators, and each time I got green connections to both devices.

    Problem is, as I found out afterwards, is that the GPS indicator will turn green even if the BT device is not connected or transmitting, because it falls back to the phone's internal GPS. So some of my TrackAddict sessions were recorded with low-frequency, inaccurate GPS data from the phone instead of the Garmin.

    My suggestion is, if the user specifies a Bluetooth GPS device in the settings, do NOT allow the GPS indicator to turn green unless the external device is actively connected (just like the OBD indicator). Thank you.

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    That's a good idea that would be simple to implement. I'll see what I can do for our next app update...

    The only catch is that while the user has to deliberately enable external GPS on Android, iOS has the ability to use it automatically in many cases (and that's the default setting), so we wont always know if an iOS user actually intends to use an external GPS or not. We might just add a new color, other than yellow or full green, to indicate internal GPS, saving the traditional green for external GPS... I'll experiment a bit to find something that's intuitive and consistent between platforms.