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Thread: Ethanol % Specific tuning

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    Ethanol % Specific tuning

    More of a question because im probably over thinking this which I have a tendency to do this. But how do I tune a car for E30? E50? E60?

    due to the limitations of the stock DI system customers cant run much past from what ive been told E50 without adding additional fuel injectors and a controller. Which ive also done using a radium fuel plate and 4 ID1050x's and a Split second controller.

    But still they're limited by what comes out of the pump unless they're buying the good stuff. The local fuel station down the street from my shop averages a E content between 67%-76%, Ive heard other tuners no longer offering full E85 tuning but E50/60 because the inaccuracy from what comes out the pump.

    is it just as simple as changing stoich to the AFR based off E%?

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    Changing the stoich to the correct AFR fore the fuel you are running will reset the LTFT baseline. For example, if at 14.08 (stock) for E10, your LTFTs should average about 0. If you start running E30, they will drift up to about +10. Setting the stoich to 13.0 will bring them back to 0.

    Now whether you can maintain fuel volume and pressure is another thing.
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