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Thread: Pre Order Question - Licences vs Controllers

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    Pre Order Question - Licences vs Controllers

    So i am looking at tuners and i am considering buying this one. I have a LS1 with a full harness PCM fuse box and transmission wiring. My question is as follows. If i license an enhancement without burning a stock tune will only 2 licenses be required for this? One for the stock read and one for the enhancement burn. Second question to this is, If i want to tune my 4L80E will this chew up another license on the same vehicle? Sorry if this has been covered else ware. I am just attempting to understand the license system and how much this will cost in total.

    I have been tuning with megasquirt for many many years. With Megasquirt if i can connect to it i can tune it so the license system is a touch foreign to me. I want to do this car without chopping up the stock harness if i can. Any help is appreciated.

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    It's just two credits period for that type of computer. Once you license the computer that is it. OS upgrades like a speed density OS enhancement have been free for many many years.

    The 4L80e using that computer doesn't have a transmission control module either, the engine and transmission are controlled by the PCM only. Making the 4L80e work a stock LS1 computer is another story, you have to do something else to possibly make that work but that is also free to do.
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