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Thread: 2007 Express 3500 LMM Security Help

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    2007 Express 3500 LMM Security Help

    Looking for some help have a engine on a pallet I built for a stand alone harness an flashed the pcm for a customer that seems to be ignoring the security delete. But here is the head scratcher when I first sent them the harness an pcm a few times it would start an run but since then its the same thing starts runs 2 seconds an dies. With my Tech 2 I have verified when it dies it shows the VTD Fuel Disable goes from Inactive to Active. I first thought ok maybe its something that HP just can't delete so I called a friend over with EFILIVE who is a diesel tuning guru he flashed it an same issue. So after some thought he said on a medium duty hes seen the low coolant level on the tank cause the engine to die so wired it back up same issue. So called in another friend last night who is a GM tech an very good with diesels to see if he was seeing some sensor that could be causing it to shut down he went all through every perimeter an found nothing at all. Has anyone ever ran into a security issue like this before?
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