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Thread: e67 comp, no PE above 2,600 rpm

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    e67 comp, no PE above 2,600 rpm

    born before the computer age, 2012 Colorado 5.3 with a 1900 supercharger, it has the tune supplied by the manufacturer, VCM scanner shows PE about 1,200 rpm to 2,600rpm then gone, running 14.68, 1 bar MAP, I'm towing a travel trailer, also my throttle position sensor reads 83.9% at full throttle, pedal signal says 100%, and I know TPS should read 88% at full throttle, Is this a dumb question??? i'm lost, just bought a wide band, won't be here for 10 days, need help, UPDATE--- have hp's scanner on 2 computers, the 1 im tuning with was outdated, so i updated it, got my wide band in and guess what--- wide band says I have PE, the scanner says I have PE now, and other stuff works in the scanner works now, woopi, even the tps reads 99.6, could my scanner have been corrupted some how ?????
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    post the tune
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    May need to lower the map enable from 100kpa down to 90kpa instead.

    I hope the transmission is up to snuff too, that tune is pretty aggressive for a stock 4L60e.
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