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Thread: E85 tune Stoich?

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    E85 tune Stoich?

    Going to switch over to E85. With the fluctuation possibly at the pump when dictating the stoich in the tune what is best practice. Sure pure E85 9.8ish and E70 10.7ish. Any harm and splitting the difference in the stoich you dictate in the tune as a happy median for fuel trims and what not? Thanks!

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    if you have a known standard as in a fully dialed in tune on pump gas then simply fill her with e85 and adjust the stoich value to get it as close to zero fuel error as possible
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    Just leave it on 9.8,if you ever do get a e70 fill STFT will just pull ~5%

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    Cool thanks for reply. I’m still commanding .77 lambda like I did with a 93/Boostane mix. Same with E85 at about 10-11psi?