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Thread: Help with cold starts on cold day, "misfiring" at idle

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    Help with cold starts on cold day, "misfiring" at idle

    So I've had a couple different people on the forum help me with this tune. I believe it's a tune I adapted from another member on here (c13b or something?). The tune runs great and I have no issues with it except for cold starts when it's cold out, lets say 35 degrees and below. The truck will sound like it's misfiring (I know not the technical term on a diesel) until I drive it a bit and it gets some heat in it. It's not the grid heater cycling, I know what that sounds like. If I put the truck into high idle with the steering wheel controls it wont do it.

    Does anyone have an idea of what table I can look at or try to modify to fix this issue? I am attaching my tune below, it's starting to get pretty cold where I am at and I would like to iron this out before the snow falls.
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    Did you change correction tables in this tune? Maybe something with ect and fueling? Maybe pw?

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    I have somewhat of a related issue, I have a tune JimP helped me a ton with and only on cold starts below 40F I get a nasty lope only at idle until ECT reaches around 55F. Kinda sounds like what you?re experiencing. I haven?t dug into it too much as it?s not my daily driver, but I?ll start messing with it and if I figure it out I?ll post on this thread!

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    Rail pressure and timing is going to have a big effect on it. There?s other stuff I?ve edited not shown in any platform to help smooth out rough cold idle at startup for others.