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Thread: Support for GM/Delphi MEFI 4/5

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    Support for GM/Delphi MEFI 4/5

    I know this has been covered before, but I think there's a pretty good size market for support for these controllers (MEFI-4, 5, 6, 7). I have 3 MEFI-4's collecting dust in my shop unused. I could put one up for testing if that would be enough to get the ball rolling. I don't have a MEFI-5 sitting around. I'm working on a LS-3 powered pre-runner now, and I would have used one of the MEFI-4's I have, but the software to reprogram would cost me a bundle from

    The MEFI-4/5 is used quite a bit by companies like Brenthel and Alumacraft in their GM LS powered off-road 6100 class, Class 1, and Pre-runner buggies. The off-road crowd loves them. And there a ton of marine builders that would be happy to see alternatives.

    From what I've researched on the MEFI-6, they are essentially a GM Gen IV ECM. And I've heard rumors that it's the same ECU that Polaris uses on their Ecotec powered Slingshot.
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    I?ve wanted for same thing for awhile. They use them in the ecotec division 2 midgets. Looks just like standard gm pcm, I was shocked I couldn?t communicate with it via hp or tech2win/gds2