I know its a v6 genv and 8l45 but they share a lot with the v8 genv and 8l90. The V6 board is dead and mostly early 2000's stuffPPT Flash 3 with 194 mech thermostat 35.hpt

My 8l45 on my 18 colorado was remote tuned but Im having an issue with 2-3 gear shifting when driving non aggressive. When Im hammering on it everything seems fine. WHen cruising around, 2nd holds gear and rpms just rise and rise and rise up past 5k...and then it will shift to 3rd, almost like if you were driving a manual transmission and you have a shift where you rev the engine causing the rpms higher than the trans is spinning and then, not exactly dumping the clutch, but releasing fast and the vehicle kind of lurches forward or speeds up until the two match speed.

Anyways, if anyone can take a look at the tcm tune and let me know if they see anything that could be massaged to help.

Ive reached out to the tuner a few times but I have never had a response.PPT Flash 3 with 194 mech thermostat 35.hpt