Hi, I already set up my channels, installed a wideband and got it to read correctly on the scanner, I am currently havig toruble with my charts information, started to correct my VE table and got my car to idle right but I haven't been able to copy the information the scanner is gathering over to the VE table on the editor and I have narrowed the problem down, the problem is that in the information that the scanner is building in the charts, the decimals are separated by commas and not dots, that is making the editor interpret it as if the numbers were on the thousands order, I already verified it by changing the commas to dots on an excel spreadsheet and paste the information over to the VE table on the editor and it worked correctly, at this point I have checked the regional settings on my computer and they are set right, and did a complete walk through all settigs I could find in the VCM scanner, I don't know what else I am missing