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Thread: TrackAddict Upgrade Features

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    TrackAddict Upgrade Features

    HPTuners website mentions additional features that can be purchased for TrackAddict. Does anyone know what those features are? Do they include more OBD-2 parameters for data logging?

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    TrackAddict for iOS has a Pro edition available for purchase, which allows it to store more than 3 recordings at a time, enables the online telemetry feature, and adds the ability to export video+data overlays without the TrackAddict logo.

    TrackAddict for Android is structured a bit differently and currently does not have any paid upgrades available, so it's free, but it also presently lacks the ability to export video+data overlays from within the app (only in-app playback, or transfer into RaceRender).

    There are *some* additional OBD-2 parameters available for certain GM vehicles, if you either use TrackAddict Pro for iOS, or you use an HP Tuners MPVI2 with TrackAddict for Android. However, I must caution that this is simply an as-is legacy feature that was kept in as a bonus to our users, and is far short of what you'd get from VCM Scanner, or our upcoming MPVI2 data logging features.