Have this 97 C5 with 6.0 donor motor with LS3 top end and 102 TB Intake combo. Have changed it to 82% which has made the REP go away but now has weird issues like transient lean off idle/stop from 1st-2nd......Then while cruising steady state and let throttle off it feels like wants to stop(Throttle shutting??) WOT seems very slow reacting now. I have alot more fueling to do but look at the BRA is now through the roof now and STITs. Its on a OL/MAF tune for now till O2s come in. Final tune will be OL from 0-1600rpm via PE enrichment and then CL on up/MAF. Commanded TPS and Actual not even close nor Accel pedal at floor says like 30-40 here is a long cold start with no pedal. Its stuggles forawhile but once warm it clears up. Then another WOT file as well.

BaileyC5OGOLExperiment9shanesettings Car.hpt