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Thread: What gear should I use for torque tuning?

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    What gear should I use for torque tuning?

    What gear should I be in to get accurate data for torque tuning for wot? i have a manual and it seems to be 4th gear.

    The reason I ask is because as I was logging and during 3rd gear pulls, looking at section 2 with the scanner my commanded axle and axle are the same, the blue and green line, but my driver demand is below this. The torque error is my difference between the cmd axle and axle tq and should always be a positive number. Based on this should i lower my VT or raise my driver demand? This seems to be affecting my PE as well in 3rd

    When i pull in 4th gear the error remains positive and PE reaches its commanded. From what i understand if your torque is off it will not reach proper PE.

    Which leads to my next question. Should I be tuning it in each gear separately because from my understanding, even though the rpm can be the same in any gear, the air mass will be different due to throttle position/rpm/gear.

    The 3 peaks in the scan are my pulls.

    Or am I over thinking this?

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    I always tune VVE....