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Thread: 2015 Camaro SS L99 Looking help because your the best! :)

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    2015 Camaro SS L99 Looking help because your the best! :)

    Ok here is the info about my car.
    2015 Camaro SS 6.2L L99 Automatic
    20,800 miles when purchased 34,000 plus on it now. CarFax info says it was a GM corporate car for the 1st 16k miles and there was 1 owner besides me.
    What I have put on the car so far-
    K&N 63 Series Aircharger High Performance Air Intakes 63-3074
    Chevrolet Camaro Genuine GM Performance Strut Tower Brace Kit
    Summit Racing? Diameter (mm):8.00mm Ceramic Ignition Wire Sets SUM-881102
    NGK Laser Iridium Spark Plugs 1465
    Borla ATAK axel back mufflers
    2010-2015 Chevrolet Camaro PowerSport Full (Slotted and drilled) Kit Brake Rotors+Ceramic Pads
    eXtreme XA Coilover Kit - Chevolet Camaro 2010-2015
    Volant Performance 725062 Vortice Throttle Body Spacer Fits 10-15 Camaro
    ROTO-FAB WINDSHIELD WASHER RESERVOIR RELOCATION KIT. It relocates the reservoir so that you can install a ram air tunnel diverting air from the front grill to the CAI
    SO this is about all I can do to it without the computer putting out error codes or having a custom tune. With what places (Dyno/tune) are charging I figure I need to find a better way. So rather then going that route, why not get into it myself and buy a HP Tuner (pro).
    I have done quite a few data logging runs (10 -15) and copied the stock tune, but have not used the 2 credits I have to license my vin yet . It looks like I may have some straightening out that needs to be done. But don't get me wrong. As I have added the things I have listed. This car has transformed from night and day. All without any errors. Please let me know if you will help me understand (because I want to learn) whats going on and what I need to change or learn how to change, to optimize my tune for performance gains but in safe parameters. Also I believe when I took my car in for its 30,000 mile check up. I believe they did a update to my computer.
    Thank you,
    Please know that I am a single working Father. That has worked very hard to get this car. I am not asking for help for free. I want to learn how to do this. I am just afraid to screw the car up and hope that I haven't already by putting everything I have on the car and not tuning it.
    stock White Devil.hpt19-10-20 20-58-59.hpl19-10-20 21-24-23.hpl19-10-20 21-06-15.hpl19-10-20 22-07-03.hpl
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    The datalog indicated that it needs a little more fuel...approx. 5% more on average.
    You can reduce the TM and add some fuel to start with.
    The PE enable is set to 5000 rpm. Drop it to a much lower number.
    You can also reduce transmission TM...or eliminate it if you desire.
    You tune file didn't include the transmission calibration.
    You're welcome to email the engine and trans cal to me if you'd like.

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    Do not remove TM on a 6L80e, that is not a good idea. I rarely even remove any of it. It is very easy to make the transmission shift how you want without touching torque mngt. If you wish to remove the large negative spike on the shifts, just raise the minimum spark advance up to -5 to 0 degrees. It still needs to cut spark to help the shift out but dropping to -10 to -20 degrees is a bit much.

    Fueling looks fine to me. It's well within a few percent of zero. Seldom do I have a fuel trim avg take the exact amount it shows in the scanner to make it better. What I mean is, just because it shows ~5% positive on the fuel trims, doesn't mean I had to add 5% worth of fuel to correct it. Often times it's less fuel needed.

    Power enrichment can be adjusted and the commanded EQ ratio is really rich but that is just how the factory calibrations are. Leaning it out is a good idea, may pick up a little bit of power.

    Reading and watching video's in the best way to help you understand what you are looking at. There just isn't enough time to show people everything when on a forum.
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    I really appreciate the advice guy's! I have been reading quite a bit and watching vid's. Like I said "I am very new to this". I am about to up load my 1st modded tune. If you want to call it that. I only disabled DOD. I am going to link my car to my HP Tuner also. I will be looking at videos on Power enrichment and Cammanded EQ ratio/s. I don't feel comfortable changing (well I dont know how yet) things until understand what I am doing. But now that I have a direction to follow, I am on it!
    Thanks again and will post here if I need help or email.
    Phil (AlienTech)