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Thread: 2016 e92 cts-v

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    2016 e92 cts-v

    First Gen 5 Ive had in the shop. Basic pulley and header combo and KN CAI. Started with MAF only calibration like usual. Everything went fine. 12-14psi 575hp-680tq. Switched to SD only mode to start ironing out VVE. Pedal is soft, No boost, and a peak throttle of about 43%. Its not in reduced power mode, everything looks fine from a "source" standpoint. Thing to note is the desired boost is 10psi vs 25psi on the maf only log, and predicted engine torque is 275 ftlb vs 850ftlb on the maf only.

    Whats the story with the Gen 5 vs Gen 4 in regards to SD procedure. Is it in a fail mode I cant log? I made changes to the VVE with no change in throttle behavior. Havent tried altering the VT (Virtual Torque) yet for "MAP", just want to make sure Im pointed at the correct source of the issue rather then hack and slash on the keyboard until somethng makes progress. Logs of MAF and SD only included.

    I searched long and hard and it seems others have had the issue over the past couple years, but nothing was ever updated as to the fix or if it was remedied. I dont want to send this vehicle out MAF only. Granted it seems fine and drives well. Id rather keep the Dyn system intact.

    thanks for any advice on where to look.
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