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Thread: Turning Monitors Back On Chrysler Dodge Truck

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    Turning Monitors Back On Chrysler Dodge Truck

    2003 Dodge Ram Truck 4.7 :
    The problem is the Emisions Monitors are set to Not Available, I have seen this on O2 Monitors and Cat monitors on cars that have a tune and makes it a problem when passing emission testing in AZ. This truck has never been tuned and there is a tsb for this problem.


    We all know that Heated Catalytic Monitors are mostly off. But, The Catalytic Monitor Was set to "Not Available". This is a Programing fluke from Chrysler.

    I know how to use a J-Box (j-2534) and apply updates from the manufacturer on the ECU/pcm. Which is what I did I this case to solve the problem. But I had to pay for a subscription on this car and it's not worth getting a subscription on certain cars;
    especially where you just need to turn a monitor back on.
    More and more often I have this problem, but sometimes the fix is not as easy as an update. In addition, turning on these monitors will probably give a MIL on a car that has been tuned, which would hinder the vehicles emissions test, i understand that. My question is can I use HP tuners to turn monitors back on and have a functioning MIL if it's been tuned off? Can I do this across different makes? Can I do it on a car that has never been tuned and/or I don't have the original tune file for? ALL USING HP TUNERS
    Note: I am note a tuner. I know how to flash and program modules on a vehicles but don't have tuning experience (green). Needles to say I have never used HP Tuners. Trying to see if this tool would allow me to help my customers that have a similar problem.
    Any and all help would be much appreciated.
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