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Thread: 8HP70 TCC Lockup for Launch

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    8HP70 TCC Lockup for Launch

    Has anyone experimented with adjusting converter lock up for launch at the track?

    I run in Track mode and my street data shows that Track will shift faster than Sport mode.

    However, Track mode goes into Converter lock / overlock at around 1200 rpms in 1st gear.

    At a recent track outing... my car 60'd in 1.59; however it didn't hit the tires hard at all. I launched it around 1600 rpm's.

    I've been told Sport mode is faster, so this has to be due to TCC settings. Sport mode prevents Overlock all together, so there is likely some slippage.

    I'm looking at disabling lockup all together in 1st gear or at least well past 60 ft RPM.

    Thoughts? I know converter lockup reduces heat and improve longevity, however it is at the expense of torque multiplication.

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    It's OSS rpm, so it is unlocked for a bit until you get under way.
    Mine doesn't seem to follow the map. I must be missing something.

    I'm logging TCC pattern, TCC Type, TCC mode, basically all the TCC channels and all the RPM channels - OSS, engine RPM, TCC slip, Turbine RPM. And it just doesn't follow on mine.

    One thing I think it could be is that I need to log *actual* APP instead of just APP. But even then, it's still not right. But it's closer.