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Thread: 2011 Caprice 6l80 Converter

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    2011 Caprice 6l80 Converter

    I have a 2011 caprice PPV with 43k on the clock. Recently did a cam swap/DOD delete. The car runs fine (still some tweaks to make), but I am working on the trans tuning now. I have my shift points and everything just about where I want them. The problem I am coming across now is that the converter doesn't always want to lock up properly. I know these systems are very finicky and the converters are meant to slip some, I have been reading forums for the past few days on this issue. I have a couple questions, 1: has anyone figured out how to properly "lock" these converters yet? 2: since I assume no one has been able to do that yet, how can I eliminate my slip as much as possible? Attached is my current tune and a log from today on my way to work. sometimes I can cruise at 70mph and 1800 rpm ish and i see some converter slip between 0 and 50 (27:35 into the log). at 31:41 to 31:46 in the log you can see that slip jumps up a lot when slightly let off the throttle (not completely let off). Is there a way to fix that? this slip can be seen again at 34:29 into the log when slightly letting off the throttle. At 36:05 to 37:21 into the log I am seeing upwards of 200 rpm slip for over a minute at 70 mph for some reason, according to the tune this should be "locked" or atleast a few rpm slip. I have turned off missfire codes in my tune and that has not helped the converter issue at all. sorry for the long post just want to give as much info as possible. Attached is the tune, log is a bigger file so link attached. 2011 Caprice PPV-tune16.hpt


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    my '14 caprice swap has similar issues....TCC line pressure will show up and down, but i still get slip. Looking forward to this discussion as well.

    was this also an issue before the cam swap?

    something I am considering as a contributing factor is the virtual least in my '14, it doesnt use the full gen5 torque modeling, but has some aspects of it. Maybe there is something to the VT tuning which will help this as much of those timing sectors and map are part throttle settings.
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    I never really noticed it as much before the cam swap. I have dialed some stuff in so its a little better, but still behaves strangely.

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    Bump up regulator offset at retest. I have mine set at 60 psi and no slip even with throttle for passing.

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    working 22...changes to PE and pulling KR.hpt
    for reference here is my '14 Caprice trans tune. I didnt change anything in the trans section, so it may be of use for comparison for you. When i compare this to a ZL1 or LSA car, it seems that the trans tune is already set higher for pressures and shorter for times. Not sure how this compare to a tuned trans, but it may be of use.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Srblacks13 View Post
    Bump up regulator offset at retest. I have mine set at 60 psi and no slip even with throttle for passing.
    This. Your tune it is set at 184 kpa, same as mine was. It would slip even when desired slip was set at zero. If and when it would attain zero slip at steady speed, you could watch the pressure slowly decrease until it slipped again, then slooowly ramp back up to try and attain zero again. By then I would have changed the throttle and sent it chasing its tail. The regulator offset is a floor, or a minimum pressure. At least double it and then monitor for slip to see if you need to go higher.

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    Check out this thread. This is pretty common on holdens.

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    Thanks guys, I will mess with this stuff once some of the snow breaks.